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Welcome to the website of Kika Holland B.V.!

About Us:

Kika Holland was founded in 2007 and operates as part of Milovan Milosevic Holding B.V.
Kika Holland is a young company dealing with import and export of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. We focus mainly on imports and exports between the Netherlands and ex-Yugoslav countries.
Our range includes a complete package of fresh fruit and vegetables withdrawn directly from the Dutch-based products (onions, carrots and tomatoes), as well as garlic from China and citrus from South America and South Africa.
Our main products are bananas. We're an importer and exporter of bananas. These bananas are imported thru the harbors of Rotterdam and Bar (Montenegro). Our supliers are the main producers of bananas in Ecuador and Costa Rica.  
In the port of Rotterdam, we have the logistical capabilities, that meet all requirements of our customers (for example mix-load, expense and barcodes).
Thanks to good cooperation with transporting companies from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, we can also arrange transportation for our clients.
The development of Kika Holland BV moves into the following directions:

  • Delivering the best quality for the best price;
  • Working on joint projects with major retailers in the Balkans (in terms of purchasing and marketing);
  • Taking a leadership position in the trade of fruit and vegetables on the Balkan territory.

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